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AFRICAN Hand Weaving

Klikor Icon, woven encylopedia of Kete Ewe patterns by Luciano Ghersi and Dale Massiasta, in English
AFRO-Loom / AFRO-Telaio, experiences in Kente Ewe by Luciano Ghersi, in Italian and English
TessereLiberi: a squatted workshop of Kente Ewe, in Italian
Kente Cloth: A Selected Bibliograpy, compiled by Ruth A. Hodges
African Cloth: Bibliography
Adire African Textiles, with links to other related sites.
West African textile patterns, University of Florida
Gilbert "Bobbo" Ahiagble, master weaver
Learning to weave Kente cloth, by Estelle Carlson
Building a Loom for Weaving Kente Cloth, by Louise Mayer
History and significance of Ghana's kente cloth (Asante)

GLOBAL Hand Weaving

Luciano Ghersi HyperTextile HandWeaver: handWEAVING everyTHING everyWHERE everyBODY
Tessimilia: Hand weaving, fiber art et similia, in Italian

EWE Culture

Blakhud Research Centre: Researches in black African culture and civilisation, based in Klikor, Ghana.
Sofati Shrine: houses the thunder-god, Yeweh (So). It offers insights into the functions of indigenous institutions.
Introduction to Anlo-Ewe Culture and History , by C. K. Ladzekpo
Ewe-Canadian Cultural Organization of Ontario
Ewe: a language of Ghana
References for Ewe language
Vodu Metaphysics: Power Gleaned from Resting to Draw the Water, by Kathryn Geurts, University of Pennsylvania

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