ASTHFIN A1: a breakthrough in the treatment of ASTHMA
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 I had a faint idea of what asthma is until I had my first attack,
in 1981 when i was earning deep in the night, when I was a student in the University of Benin (Republic of Togo). I was rushed to a "Pharmacie de Garde" where I was treated. I had my second attack when i was attached at Obo Girls' Secondary School in Nigeria. It was at Nnevi General Hospital when my case was diagnosed as asthma in 1983. It was more prolonged and really severe. Ever since then the attacks became more frequent. I tried my drugs and from one to another. Those I can recall today are Ventoline tablets, the Ventoline inhaler, Ephedrine, Franol. My case grew into a kind of tragedy that there was no time i moved from the house without a drug. I have also met very embarrassing situations. I have visited hospitals in Nigeria, Togo (Hôpìtal Bon Secours, C. H. U. Tokoin, Badou General Hospital etc) and Ghana ( Aflao; Dzode, Ho, Achimota etc.). Out of desperation, I did not only limit myself to orthodox treatment, i had to try numerous traditional medicines. Somewhere along the line, I had to give up my religious convictions as a Christian, and go into a Psychic healing because i needed a cure very badly. At this stage, things i went through were so odd to me that is still pray today to God to forgive me and never allow me to recall them. It might seem strange and unbelievable to medical doctors that i did take six tablet of Franol at a go when one day i was terribly choked. All empty spaces in my mind were filled with the idea of committing suicide since i believed that that could the surest way of getting treated. For almost a decade, I gave up the hope of ever getting better and I took in good faith that asthma is incurable. I also knew I have missed life when i gave up teaching.
Despite my miserable existence I had to keep the rule of life that you must keep on taking medicines when you are sick.

One day I had to prepare a medicine taught me by a maternal uncle. 
I began to take it. I coughed out so much mucus, very yellowish substance. I could see changes in my breathing and have pain reliefs from my ribs. It definitively a miracle to me and from that moment, after the five weeks, I took this medicine, I never had the attack again since 1994. I thought later of getting back to the classroom when one evening, sitting down under a tree it rang deep with my conscience. Won't you show gratitude to God? Won't you think of other asthmatics? Johnny, don't be selfish. Millions are still suffering like you did. It was there that the idea came clear to me that i must try to develop this medicine which i called Asthfin A1.I began by talking about it to people. I also started researching into many aspects of the medicine especially its lifespan and possibility of large scale production. People began to show interest in i including foreigners who were willing to take. I have here some few name to mention though I have not received any concrete feedback from them.
We have
 Miss Erin Healy, 815 south 48th st., Philadelphia PA 19143 USA
 Miss Alexandria Candia, 21901 Mt. Eden Rd, Saratoga CA 95070 USA
 Mrs Yabaa Marlene Ceder, International Managing Director, International Foundation for Black and Migrant Women Empowerment (Uma Lampé) P.O.B. 1100 AW Amsterdam NL
 My German friend Karen Hinze, Emsener Weg 8, 21629 Neu Wulmshof D, can also give valuable information on my research.
 Especially my friend Luciano Ghersi who as offered to put my project on the Internet for me.
 I have also received a letter of support for the project from the Ketu District Assembly, P.O.B. 88 Denu V/R Ghana, dated may 29 2000 with REF. Nr KUDA/GEN.24/Vol.5/210
 The World Health Organisation has also acknowledged the project with REF. Nr. CRA dated February 22, 2000 and signed Dr. N. Khaltaer, Responsible Officer, Chronic Respiratory Diseases and Arthritis, Non Communicable Disease Management. World Health Organisation CH 1211 Geneva 27 CH.

 A publication on the religious magazine "Awake!", June 8 1999 issue, entitled "Asthma on the Rise"" has sensitised me further to undertake the project more seriously, and I quote: "Reports from the World Health Organisation indicate that in the last decade, there has been a 40% (percent) rise in both the prevalence of an hospitalisation rates for asthma worldwide.... Presently there are about 1,5 million asthmatics in Canada and 500 die every year from the disease."
To control the disease, I believe, must be of a collective concern, responsibility and commitment of all,
irrespective of where the best solution comes from, that is why i want to draw the attention of the following specialists in asthma medication to my finding.

  1. Sally Wenzel MD, Ass. Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Denver
  2. Susan Pingleton MD, Director of Pulmonary and Critical Care Division at the University of Kansas Medical Centre in Kansas City
  3. Dr Anna Kathryn Fuchs PD, a nutritionist in Sebastopol, California and Editor of "Woman Health Letter".
  4. Dr Marianne Frieri MD, Ph D, Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology at the State University of New York.
  5. Mary Malinsky RN Allergy Associates in Portland, <Oregon.
  6. Mary Pullig Schatz MD, a pathologist in Nashville, author of "Back care basic".
  7. Dr Martin Leon, Senior cardiologist, Lennox Hill Hospital, New York.
  8. Dr Gerald Rubin, Director of the University of California, Berkeley, fly laboratory.
  9. Dr Jean Charles Schwartz of INSERM (France National Institute for Health and Research) and his medical team; who after the discovery of anti-histamine drugs H, H2, and H3 receptor, have promised an effective treatment of asthma lulled from "Winning control of Allergy Switch" South magazine; October 1987 page 81.

 The promise is already fulfilled here with the discovery of Asthfin A1,
which is doing very well on our local market which i have already submitted to the centre for Scientific research into Plant medicine; POB 72 Akwampira Mampong E/R Ghana on Octobre 1, 2002, with the financial support of Prof. John B. K. Aheti, School of Administration, University of Ghana, Legon (Ghana).
What is facing asthmatics today is not finding an effective cure but getting the necessary funding to develop Asthfin A1, a drug which cures the disease completely.
If Asthmatics, Asthmatics Societies worldwide, Philanthropists, Pharmaceutical Companies, NGO, Medical Schools, Medical research centres, London School of Tropical Medicine, National Jewish centre for Immunology and respiratory Medicine, Philip Foundation, Africa First, Bill and Merinda Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Brush Foundation, Compton Foundation Inc., Ashoka etc. could show sympathy to themselves and asthmatics by helping me financially, Asthma will cease to be a headache to humanity.

Johnny Amenuvegbe

 I am presently working with a traditional Medicine pratictioner
who handles well Epilepsy, Diabetes, Sickle Cell prostate, cancer and tuberculosis. Here is his address:

Reynard Augustine Senyo
PO. Box 373
Aflao V/R
Tel. 0962 31113

My research also earned a position as Secretary to Ghana Federation of traditional and Alternative Medicine Pratictioners Associations (GHAFTRAM), Ketu District Branch.

Johnny Amenuvegbe

Feb 12, 2003

Reynard Augustine Senyo

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ASTHFIN A1: a breakthrough in the treatment of ASTHMA
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