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The Ganedegbeto group of the Blakhud Research Centre was formed in 2000 to project all that is salient in Ewe culture.
A brain-child of Mr. Besa Amenuvor, Director of Cross-Culture solutions, Ghana, the Ganedegbeto Group performs a variety of dance-music repertoires with interludes of dance drama and poetry.
The group also uses the Afa divinatory system to tell the stories of the drama and dance, messages of Ewe moral values, rites and spiritual observances.
The songs include Ewe war songs, Afa songs, Yewe songs, and Ade songs. The poems are taken from books written by Dale Massiasta.
The Ganedegbeto Group has already performed at several public functions. They have been to Anloga, Sogakofe, Woe, Tegbi, Keta, Ho and Dzodze, where it presented a variety of culture performances to students, traditional rulers, tourists and others.
Its costume of the African at home belies the sophistication of the songs, the dance and the drama. It is the humility of the heart, the simplicity of the soul, the joyfulness of the songs, the thoughtfulness of the word, message of the right and the wrong, a message to divorce between the clean and the dirty.

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