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Hand-in-Hand Weaving
Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes
Accra (GH) 19-28 Feb 2003
Opening Feb. 18, 7.00 pm
Luciano Ghersi and Eva Basile, Italian researchers and contemporary weavers, aided by Dale Massiasta, director of Blakhud Research Centre, Klikor, show the results of an exciting collaboration concerning Ewe handweaving and culture. Included in the exhibition will be a collection of 100 woven pieces, donated by many weavers from Klikor, the 55 mt long "Klikor Icon": a woven encyclopedia made in 2001 by 15 weavers from Klikor, and original cloths woven by Luciano Ghersi and Eva Basile influenced by their experiences in Ghana. During the opening, the performance, "Handweaving Play" with handloom and live music will be performed by the artists.
Kindly sponsored by Sara and Baldo Baldi of Alitalia GSA and with the collaboration of the Italian Embassy.

The logo of "Hand in Hand Weaving" exhibition is a design in Klikor Icon: ASIDEASIME - Handshake
A symbol of unity and solidarity. When the Ewe say that "Asie wo novi", they want to say that only your friend, your sister, and brother will shake hand with you. Your enemy will not shake hand with you.

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