Luciano GHERSI HyperTextile HandWeaver
nomad workshop of trash hand-weaving


1 - Global Home in MUSEUM
Summer 1998, "Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri" contemporary art museum (Tuscany - I). In the middle of a charming park, an HANDWOVEN INDIAN TEEPEE 5 MT HIGH is built. It's all made out every kind of waste material (rags, plastic shoppers, rubber tubes, electrical cables etc.)
This teepee shelters a BIZARRE HAND LOOM, that is merely built with scrap iron.
EVERY VISITOR CAN WEAVE with this loom, they only need to be trained in "weaving dance", it takes only 1 minute. Visitors are invited to bring their personal trash, so that they can weave it. But a workshop inside a museum requires also impoerant marerial: Daniel Spoerri himself offers his personal walking-stick, that is immediately woven in. Luigi Bonotto sends a bulk of his precious cloth swatches. Some ladies tear their under wears to weave.
An endless strip of cloth springs out of the loom and it is rolled up all around the teepee frame (quite the same as spider & cobweb). When the workshop is achieved, Global Home collapses into a single roll of odd cloth, it is a hand-woven fabric 100 MT long!

GLOBAL HOME full2 - Global Home at ROCK PARTY
July 1999, "Festa dell'Isolon" (Vicenza ­ I). Global Home is set along the bank of the river Astico. One single night is not so much fruitful in weaving. Anyway, a worker tears his overalls to weave it. A deserted lover weaves the ring from his beloved. Global Home is now 102 MT long!

3 - Global Home in CASTLE

August 1999, (Camerino ­ I). Rocca Varano castle hosts Global Home, but without its peculiar teepee frame. The ancient court requires to arrange the woven strip as a canopy. The flags of medieval districts of Camerino are woven together into Global Home, that reaches now 116 MT!

4 - Global Home in MONTECIO ROCK
Juli 1st 2000, Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza ­ I). Another rock festival, 5 MT
woven during one single night. Global Home, reaches now 121 MT!

5 - Global Home in the
September 10th 2000, the National day of the Open Monument in Germany. Artemision Projekt
6 - Global Home WHERE ??? 

more about GLOBAL HOME:
Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri,
Maschietto & Musolino, Firenze 1998, ISBN 88-86404-65-4. ITALIAN translation: pages 135/137. GERMAN translation: pages 134/136
Tessere a mano, Università degli Studi di Camerino, 1998, pagine 63/78.
VilleGiardini, N°384, giugno 99, pagina 44.

more about LUCIANO GHERSI:
Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri,
Maschietto & Musolino, Firenze 1998-1999, ISBN 88-87700-03-06. ITALIAN translation: pages 114, 145/146. GERMAN translation: pages 114, 145/146

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