National Fine Arts Museum of Chile

Official Invitation

1st International Exhibition of Contemporary Minitextiles

August/September 2003

Chile’s National Fine Arts Museum, under the direction of Milan Ivelic, and the exhibition organizing committee under the direction of Verónica Poblete, would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in the First International Exhibition of Mini-Format Textiles, to be held during August and September 2003 in the Central Hall of the aforementioned museum, located in Santiago, Chile.


This new exhibition is primarily intended to introduce the general public to an extremely rich and little-known discipline of the textile arts. Following the museum’s first exhibition of contemporary textiles, held in August 1996, the exhibition organizers felt the need to continue opening the public eye to contemporary advances in expression and techniques in the textile arts as they continue develop in this new millenium.


The subject matter of this new exposition, the mini-format textile, is a fascinating discipline in contemporary textile arts, one that facilitates modern artistic experimentation, a progression beyond traditional techniques and materials, and the investigation of concepts that question the very definition of the textile arts.


With this in mind, exhibition organizers particularly wish to gather new artists from within the contemporary textile movement, as well as artists from other disciplines with an interest in bringing their own perspectives and techniques to the textile arts. The primary intent of the exhibition is to promote the formation of a new artistic discourse and extend the conceived limits of the textile arts, with the quality of creative expression valued above sheer technical ability.




Textile formats for the exhibition are defined by a maximum dimension of 40 x 40 x 40 cm (height x width x depth), and may fit into one of three categories.:

A- One-dimensional pieces — Either hung or wall-mounted.

B-Three-dimensional spaces Portable mini-installations. In the event that these must be hung, the artist must provide his or her own self-supporting mechanism, with maximum base dimensions of 50 x 50 cm.

C- Series Consisting of several modules of the same format (maximum 4), forming a single work. These may be flat or three-dimensional pieces.

Presentation of the works in this exhibit is under the direction of architect Diether Gothe, who will be available to discuss any issues with the corresponding artist. All attempts will be made to respect the artists’requests.


Materials and Techniques


There are no limitations on materials. Works may include the entire spectum of traditional textile materials and their derivates: fibers, felts, fabrics, thread, paper, etc, as well as synthetic and non-flexible materials such as plastics, metal, glass and others, and even the incorporation of new concepts such as the use of light and movement.


Similarly, there are no limitations on techniques, with the understanding that the techniques occupied will respond to the conceptual necessities of each piece. Traditional weaving, prints, dyes, mixed techniques, collages, conceptual arrangements and others are all acceptable. Each and every one is considered a possible source of inspiration in the interdisciplinary search embraced by the modern textile arts.




Proposals: To be presented between the 3nd and 5th of December 2002.



We ask that all artists submitting proposals make an effort to be as explicit as possible regarding the final work to be presented. We encourage the inclusion of sketches, photographs,examples of materials and techniques to be employed, and even the work itself. Its not only for originals works, and each artist can be sent more than one proposal too . Furthermore, please fill out the official form with your personal information , and your work information, and sent it with the work (s)

Those who wish may also include a brief written description (one-page maximum) describing the concepts behind the work to be realized.

Proposals must be received by this date and should be sent to the following address:



Parque Forestal / sin numero / casilla 3209 / Santiago / Chile

Telphone 56(2) 6330655 or 56(2) 6334472 / fax 56(2) 6393297

attention EXPOTEXTIL 2003 / Sr. Ricardo Fuentealba



Proposals ( photographs ), and official form , may also be sent to the following email address: expotextil2003 , in the same date.


We hope to hear from you!




Verònica Poblete

Organing Committee expotextil 2003/Chile



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For the first stage of the selection process, applicants should present a proposal of no more than one page, describing the conceptual development of their project, the materials and techniques to be employed, a scale model of the final work, and the category in which they wish to participate.


Project proposals should also include name of the artist and his or her email and telephone, and should be delivered to the following address:


Expotextil / 2003

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Adress: Parque Forestal s/n .Casilla 3209-Santiago / Chile

Phone: 56(2) 6330655- fax 56(2) 6393297

Email: expotextil2003 o penelopev


Once received, the proposals will be evaluated by a selection committee headed by the Museum Commission under the direction of Dn. Milan Ivelic. Participating artists will be informed of the results in the following days.


Selected Projects: To be presented between the 25th and 28th of May 2003



Once the selected projects have been announced, the participating artists will have approximately eight months in which to develop the projects described in their proposals. During this period the Museum will conduct periodic documentation of the artists’ progress, and will invite participating artists to a series of events intended to introduce the public to the mini-textile format and its role within contemporary textile arts.




Financing is the responsibility of each participating artist.

In the event that an artist receives outside financing, the museum may or may not make mention of the sponsoring party, either within the exposition itself, in the exposition catalog, etc.



In the hopes that this effort produces a new and exciting textile encounter, I enthusiastically invite your participation!



Verónica Poblete M.