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"FotoTessere2... THE WEB" is the sequel of "FotoTessere". In 1998, the "FotoTessere" project produced a book & a touring exhibition collecting hundreds of photocopied textiles (mainly from Italy) made by people being more or less prestigious artists, more or less respected craftmen, children, handicapped persons etc...
In "FotoTessere2... THE WEB", photocopy machines are now replaced by scanners, the paper book will be replaced by a CD-rom, the touring exhibition is replaced by Web pages on TESSIMILIA, the new italian Web site of "textile et similia" <http://www.geocities.com/tessimilia>

Taking part to "FotoTessere2... THE WEB" is absolutely free of charge & selection.
Everybody may scan his/her minitextile, swatch or piece 10 x10cm. and save it as "YourName-tex" .gif file. Don't scan photos, please, only "cloth"! Off-loom are allowed too. Scan also a 10x10cm white cardboard, wroten or sticked with info as: author, title, draft, poems etc... and save it as "YourName-card" .gif file. E-mail yours 2 files to: fototessere
  tessimilia.bixland.com (EXPIRED!)

The exibithion will be updated til 31.12.2000 on
The CD-rom will be produced in Jan.2001.

info e-mail: FotoTessere

FotoTessere2 ...THE WEBthe exhibit is on

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