INTRODUCTIONS June 2001 - April 2002

Home Handweave
of the EWE

AFEVO means "home cloth" in Ewe language, (contrasted with exclusively commercial handweaves asivo, "market cloth").
The difference afevo asivo is not in the afevo not sold in the market (afevo could be sold in the market), it is in afevo being ordered at home, used locally and being in its quality always protected. Quality yarn is used in afevo. Asivo is anything thrown into the market, with little attention to quality and design. 

Dale Massiasta

100 pieces of Ewe Kente, donated by weavers to the Blakhud Museum of Klikor (Ghana).
shows 80 pieces of Ewe Kente as the strips were stitched together.
11 "Family Portraits" of Ewe Kente.
Ewe weavers.
by Blakhud Director and by Weaver-of-the-century.

The whole analysis, history etc. of these 100 cloths and of the Ewe weaving in Klikor is under preparation. Many datas are still missing. The images also are provisional: just rough digital photos. The collection is still growing.
The aim of this Web-site and CD-Rom is anyway to introduce to the refined art of the Ewe weavers, and to find support for a more complete research.

Luciano Kwame Ghersi

 Female cloth
 Male Cloth
 Starting to Weave
 Two Ply Yarn
 Double Warp
 Brocade Design
 Heddle Making