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Klikor reaching mapKlikor, a town of some 8,000 people, is in the Ketu/Keta district of Ghana. It lies on the Accra - Lome road, some thirteen miles from Lome in Togo and 106 miles from Accra.
The people of Klikor belong to the Ewe ethnic group of Ghana, Togo and Benin. They migrated from Notse in present day Togo to Ghana in the 15th century, settling on the Atlantic coast of the Volta Region
The people of Klikor are farmers, fishermen, traders and craftsmen. They cultivate crops líke maize, cassava and vegetables. Some of the people along the coastal areas do lagoon and sea fishing. Handicrafts like kete cloths are produced by both men and women.
Klikor is one of the few places foreign influence has not completely destroyed local customs, traditions and the people's religion. There are many shrines of worshíp, which hold festivals throughout the year. Klikor is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the Volta Region. It is located on the tourist map of Ghana.
Foreign visitors can channel their inquirìes through the Blakhud Research Centre on http://www./contact.htm
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