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Blakhud Museum - where the pen excavates.
Women Kpegisu Group (Klikor) performing at BRC.
When the women lead, and the men support.
Watch the woman drummer turn the audience on.
Klikor Adzogbo Group performing at BRC.
Inmates of the Thunder Divinity Shrine
come out of their shrine at Festival of offerings time.
Sofati Shrine, Klikor
Klikor - where the women play instruments.
Initiates of the
Sofati Shrine perform a ritual dance.
Catching them young.
Blakhud residence group training a young dancer. 
Enyo Azameti dances.
Klikor - Where ritual carvers line the streets.
Mensa Arkpeh - a carver and member of BRC Management Committee
Klikor - where tourists join the joy of music and dance while others clap.

Klikor - Mama Vena Shrine,
built by Torgbui Humali II , 1997

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