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In 2002, Mensah is appointed to weave a mini-textile collection for the bookshopby of the Museo del Tessuto (Textile Museum) of Prato, Italy, <>. Each piece is a case with a different design. Designs were patterned, mostly brocaded, by Mensah, following the symbols of the Ewe tradition and his personal inspiration.

King's Sword, Throne, Rising Moon, Crocodile Belly, Leaf, Eyes, Small Ship, Two plates, Bottle, Cross, Flower, Coconut, Bed, Cup, Arrow, Smoking Pipe, Fan, Beer Bottle (brocaded). Junior Heddle, Neck Chain (patterned).

More about
Symbols, culture, tradition and developments of the Ewe kente-weaving: Afevo.1 CD-rom.

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