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Ewe Kente Weaving Bedspread B1 - Symbols
Interpreted by Dale Massiasta

- crocodrile belly
"Ne elo lolo wuu ha azi me vi koe wonye":
"However big and fat a crocodile is, it still hatched from an egg". Every person has humble beginnings.
"Akpa klika mewua lo o, elo nutoe dzo kple efe akpa": "The scaly skin does not kill the crocodile, the crocodile is born with its scaly skin." We are made in particular ways that may seem uncomfortable to others. People should accept their looks and what may be disability to others. People should bear their natural disabilities with fortitude.
Ewe Kente Weaving Dondo - Hourglass drum
mportant musical instrument of many ethnic groups in Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Benin, etc.
The place of the drum in Afican musical life needs no explanation. But in cloth many proverbs are associated with the drum. Eg;
"Uu di gbodoagbodo vatsia nukpee": "A loud rub a dub that ceases suddenly is shameful", enterprises should be sustained.
"Uu medzona ame de wodua ya": "one does not dance on the wind when there is a seaeon of drumming at home": one should participate in the events of his/her time.
his icon also depicts Kekevi, the reel in the loom. About the importance of tis tool see > Oracolar Chant.
Ewe Kente Weaving Fiazikpui - Chief stool
"Ziga lolo menye fia o": "The possessor of a big stool is not necessarily a king". You may have a symbol of authority , but your competence must reconcile it.
 Ewe Kente Weaving Dzinudzedzi - New moon (crescent)
The moon represents womanhood and cloths of the description were used in puberty rites in the past. Womanhood is determined by the menstrual period, which is counted by the appearance of the new moon Therefore, the term for women having their menstruation is: "dzinu kpokpo":  "seeing the moon".

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Bedspread - symbols - before | Strag - make up | Table-mats | Wisdom - 2 | Events - 2 | Texts - Ryan Yarns