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Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes - Accra
the first premises of the exhibition.
In the veranda, the Kente Klikoravo

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Ewe Kente
Ewe Kente Weaving Classics
Hystorical masterpieces from private collections
The exhibition opens with a number of precious "nyonuvo" and "nutsuvo", traditional female and male cloths. These masterpieces of textile art are on special loan from private collections and royal wardrobes.
Collections of Togbui Addo VIII e Dale Massiasta

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The Home Hand Weave of the Ewe
Collection of the Blakhud Museum

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AFEVO Home Page

Ewe Kente Weaving

Ewe Kente Weaving

Afevo - The Weavers' stand
There are still many skilled weavers in the Ewe villages. The trouble is that, in the majority of cases, they are forced to work on second-rate articles because they don't have the money to pay down for good quality yarns with the right dyes. (...) This is the cloth normally demanded by the Market; it is called "Asivo": market cloth. But if "Asivo" is the rule, there also exists the exception: "Afevo", which means "home cloth", this is precious fabric, designed to wear and worthy to be included among the family heirlooms.

Ewe Kente Weaving

Klikor Icon
Woven encyclopaedia of symbols
"Klikor Icon" is a "woven encyclopaedia" created in 2001 by 15 Klikor weavers who set to work on a single loom to weave their designs (icons) using the "Adanu" (brocade) technique.
They have thus created a cloth 55 metres long, featuring hundreds of traditional and modern icons of Ewe weaving. Each icon is also a symbol, because it comprises multiple meanings: maxims, sayings, proverbs. All the Klikor icons have been interpreted and explained by Dale Massiasta, the Director of Blakhud.

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Klikor Icon >
Asideasime - Hand shake

Traditional icon and logo of "Hand-in-hand Weaving"
A symbol of unity and solidatity. When the Ewe say that "
Asie wo novi", they want to say that only your friend, your sister, and brother will shake hand with you. Your enemy will not shake hand with you."
(Dale Massiasta)
Asideasime from KLIKOR ICON > icon 162
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